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 Armstrong Rubber and Plastic foam insulation materials
 Armstrong Rubber and Plastic foam insulation materials
 XPS insulation by extrusion of rigid polystyrene foam board
 Centrifugal plate glass wool carpet shell volumes
 Rockwool mineral products
 Polyethylene foam insulation materials
 Rigid polyurethane foam products
 Aluminosilicate fiber products
 Compound silicate (Magnesium) paint products
 High-density phenolic foam insulation materials incombustible
 Warranty cold refractory--Cellular Glass
 Polyisocyanurate Foam
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Armstrong series of excellent brand insulation materials, good quality.

Yesterday is not today,Today will be yesterday.
Old is not new.The new will be the old.
The life with dream has sunlight£»
The life with creation has fountainhead.
We get together.
We Stretch the dream's wings and open the soul's wisdom.
Life needs quality.
Armstrong will have responsibility for innovation,
Adhering to the "quality of science and technology, the quality of a century" for the purpose of Committed to people's desire to become a reality in the future.
We hope that, "Armstrong" into the brand can be everyone's heart,
And many, many years later,
There are still a common language be on everybody's lips: "Armstrong, a symbol of quality!"


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