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Centrifugal plate glass wool carpet shell volumes
Counterú║2816  2008-11-17 ¤┬╬š 08:02:00

Thermal conductivity:

density kg / cm 3
40 ~ 96
thermal conductivity Kcae / Mh íŠ


density kg / cm 3
40 ~ 48
> 64
maximum allowable operating temperature íŠ


After repeated testing has shown a very low coefficient of derivative cooked products all in compliance with the Japanese (JIS) industry standard Article A95095-1984. In the heat insulation and maximum use of the temperature more than any other brand products better, so in terms of high temperature or low-temperature environments are able to maintain good insulation properties.
Through subtle acoustic fiberglass fibers and friction between, on a variety of low-frequency to high frequency noise, sound waves have a good sound-absorbing effect. Products are all in line with the Japanese (JIS) industry-standard A6303-1985 Article. For - cutting machinery and other sources of noise and vibration, the products are isolated to help provide a quiet and comfortable working or living environment.
Not burn, in any case no toxic gases, fire testing of all qualified to ensure that the use of safety. British Standard 476, 5 and 6 of the provisions.
Inorganic materials, chemical corrosion damage, aging will not rot, will not be animal eats into worms. Under temperature change in the strong will not expand or shrink. Very low water absorption, in the humid environment good. So this product - after installation, no need for permanent maintenance, can permanently maintain the characteristics of the original targets.
Impact will not lead to deformation, because the fibers with the use of the stability of the pressure in any direction, there is 100% of the elastic restoring force. Therefore, this product provide sufficient flexibility to be able to immediately after the weight of the form of restitution, to facilitate the transport after the backlog.
Fiber average diameter of only 6 microns and very fine ingredients must not contain asbestos, it will not stimulate the skin, but it needs to do is cut easily to the general benefit Cutlery, combined installation is very convenient. But also because of the product thickness, density and shape can be used by end-use and conditions into╩▓╝Ëworkers may be needed to select the performance indicators, and using the corresponding standard construction methods, construction convenient, economical and good. Composite materials glass wool products more attractive advantage of synergies with the broader purposes and markets.


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