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Polyethylene foam insulation materials
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Polyethylene insulation materials imported the latest technology, the use of advanced automatic production line production, polyethylene insulation materials for the obturator elastomer with soft, resistant flexor around, heat resistance, jujube, low thermal conductivity of good character. Polyethylene insulation materials to prevent the cold heat of condensation and thermal systems, energy conservation effect of exceptionally good. Polyethylene insulation materials can be widely used in factories, hotels, vehicles, vessels and heating and cooling equipment such as piping, such as water pipes and ducts of various liquid insulation, insulation to prevent condensation, such as cold.


For low-density, closed bubble structure, thermal conductivity K value is very low, so the effect of excellent insulation can save energy consumption.
Closed due to a bubble structure, it is not easy through the water vapor, and low water absorption. Fu
flexibility to facilitate the construction and installation, and can be saved workers, clean elegant appearance.
Applicable to a wide range of temperature, since the low-temperature -40 íŠ to 105 íŠ, good weather resistance, durable.
This product is a kind of organic materials, in particular, impede the preparation of a burning nature, is self-extinguishing, and safe and reliable.


polyethylene insulation materials
density g/cm3 (16/cuft)
0.087 (5.4)
thermal conductivity K
24 íŠ (75 0 F)
32 íŠ (90 0 F)
w / mk (Btu.in / ft 2 . H. 0 F)
0.037 (0.26)
0.0381 (0.265)
applicable temperature range íŠ

105 íŠ
-40 íŠ
temperature stability (% contraction)
7 day 95 íŠ
7 day 105 íŠ



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