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Rigid polyurethane foam products
Counter2825  2008-11-17 08:03:03

Profile: rigid polyurethane foam products is a new type of synthetic material, it has a light weight, high strength, good insulation, etc., has been widely used in shipbuilding, construction, aviation, instrumentation, cold storage, refrigeration, transport vehicles, petroleum industry, chemical industry equipment, military research, indoor air-conditioning, furniture, etc., as insulating materials and structural materials.

Production specifications:

Insulating pipe shell (outside diameter seamless pipe according to the standard size) 32-426 * 1000mm.
Insulation board: 1000 * 500 * 25 ~ 100mm.
Site construction, to undertake the construction site and spray casting.
Special specifications or special molding can consult personally.


45Kg / m 3
65Kg / m 3
2.5Kg / m 2
5Kg / m 2
dimensional stability
< + 1%
< + 0.5%
water absorption
0.2Kg / m 2
0.2Kg / m 2
+120 ~ -60
thermal conductivity
0.022w / m k
flame within two seconds after the departure of self-extinguishing


It has the lowest thermal conductivity.
It with a variety of different materials constitute a solid adhesive surface.
It can adapt to the scene under all conditions and on-site pouring construction spraying.
Its thermal stability range of -196 to 120 , there may be more than this temperature range of short-term peak.
It has to shorten the construction cycle, streamline operational procedures, toxic small, homogeneous bubble and so on.
Its density and fat from the different requirements of time can be adjusted.


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